BioFeyn has pioneered a targeted, modular, delivery mechanism (what we call a “Feyn”) for compounds and nutrients that can be adapted to meet the most critical needs in salmon farming.

Trace amounts of nutrients are surrounded by a shell of other naturally-derived compounds, ensuring better digestion, absorption, and bioavailability. These nutrients are then delivered to the tissues where they’re needed most, helping animals to grow, while improving their health.

BioFeyn can reduce the amount of high-value ingredients that are needed, in some instances up to ten-fold. This both minimizes environmental pressures associated with acquiring these important nutrients, like omega-3s, and reduces the pollution associated with unused nutrients that are released back into the environment.

For more on our technology, see our photostory, “What is a Feyn?

BioFeyn is committed to making a positive impact. Our technology addresses aquaculture sustainability challenges in a direct way by reducing waste and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly ingredients.